Could not compile with XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T defined

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Could not compile with XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T defined

Postby tnarol » 14 Jun 2007, 17:06


I tried to use this preprocessor definition with version 1.2.9 to solve my problem with diacrtic characters in XML documents.

The following methods don't compile because XMLString is now defined as std::wstring.The issue is that std::string et std::wstring cannot be casted into each other, or copied one to another, or compared using "==".

void XMLConfiguration::load(const std::string& path)
bool XMLConfiguration::getRaw(const std::string& key, std::string& value) const
const Poco::XML::Node* XMLConfiguration::findElement(const std::string& name, const
const Poco::XML::Node* XMLConfiguration::findAttribute(const std::string& name, const Poco::XML::Node* pNode)
void XMLConfiguration::enumerate(const std::string& key, Keys& range) const

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