Name conflict in iPhone project

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Name conflict in iPhone project

Postby frankmail007 » 25 Dec 2009, 07:38

I managed to compile and link Poco library into my iPhone project by creating my own Xcode project for Poco C++. But I encountered another problem when I'm trying to use UUID class in my project. The problem is there is a name (nil) conflict in my project. My temp solution is to add the following line into my project:

#ifdef nil
#undef nil

It works but I'll have a problem if I use "nil" in my project. It becomes undefined. I know changing the function name in UUID class of Poco C++ library would be the easiest way. But it could be troublesome if new Poco version comes. I'll need to change it again. Is there a better solution for this?


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Re: Name conflict in iPhone project

Postby guenter » 15 Jan 2010, 11:06

Changing the method name from nil() to null() in the next release might be a solution, at the risk of upsetting (a few) people who'll have to change their code.

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