FTP connection - assertion fails

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FTP connection - assertion fails

Postby master666 » 12 Jan 2010, 16:49


I am new to POCO.

My Task: Establish a connection to a given FTP server and download weather information files "TAFs" (*.txt, ASCII).

The server to connect to is "tgftp.nws.noaa.gov" (logging in as "anonymous" w/o pw) - however in VS2008 compiling in debug mode an assertion strikes when executing.

Connecting to another server works (made an ftp connection to the server where my HP is located).

The code (hope I figured out things right since there is not a c/p example for FTP available).

I (hopefully) figured out that

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is the statement the assertion comes from.

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FTPClientSession session("tgftp.nws.noaa.gov");

session.login("anonymous", "");

session.setWorkingDirectory( "data" );

cout << "Working dir" << session.getWorkingDirectory() << endl;


Many thanks for any helpful replies.


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Re: FTP connection - assertion fails

Postby guenter » 15 Jan 2010, 10:39

It seems, that you've found a bug in getWorkingDirectory(). FTPClientSession::extractPath(), which is used by getWorkingDirectory() to extract the path information from the FTP server response has a bug in its double double quote handling code.

If you change FTPClientSession::extractPath() as follows, this should work again.

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std::string FTPClientSession::extractPath(const std::string& response)
   std::string path;
   std::string::const_iterator it  = response.begin();
   std::string::const_iterator end = response.end();
   while (it != end && *it != '"') ++it;
   if (it != end)
      while (it != end)
         if (*it == '"')
            if (it == end || (it != end && *it != '"')) break;
         path += *it++;
   return path;

I have created a bug report. Will be fixed in the 1.3.6p2 release.

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