Base64Encoder/Decoder bug or incorrect use ?

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Base64Encoder/Decoder bug or incorrect use ?

Postby CaHbKa » 11 Aug 2008, 16:45

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std::stringstream istr(std::string("test"));
std::stringstream ostr;
std::stringstream mstr;

// trying to encode
Base64Encoder encoder(ostr);
StreamCopier::copyStream(istr, encoder);

// here we will see "dGVz"
std::cout << ostr.str() << std::endl;

// trying to decode
Base64Decoder decoder(ostr);
StreamCopier::copyStream(decoder, mstr);

// and now we see: "tes"
std::cout << mstr.str() << std::endl;

Is this is a bug or incorrect use of ?

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Re: Base64Encoder/Decoder bug or incorrect use ?

Postby guenter » 11 Aug 2008, 21:56

Incorrect use in this case.
Put the statement

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immediately after the copyStream line.

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