XMLString problem

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XMLString problem

Postby Ahmed » 11 Nov 2008, 12:03

Hello there and thank you for this great library.

I am using the SAX parser and trying to exploit the data values passed through the SAX handlers by mean of XMLString parameters types.

I compiled Poco XML DLL using Unicode and by also adding #define XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T.

The DLL is consumed in a VS project that is defined as Unicode and also uses #define XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T.

My problem is that wheever I have to explot an XMLString value then I encounter very bizarre things, for instance if I have a tag namded documentModel, then
by rendering the read value from a SAX handler using the following code I get that exact value but just when trying to comparing it to an operand of the same val, it fails :

void someHandler(const XMLString& localName..){
CString str;
str.Format(_T("the name of the tag is %S"),localName.c_str() );

/*the above instruction displays :
the name of the tag is documentModel

//But :

AfxMessageBox(_T("hello I am here !!");
//This never triggers !!


Can you help ??
Thank you in advance.

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Re: XMLString problem [SOLVED]

Postby Ahmed » 14 Nov 2008, 15:33

Hello I have found solution. Happily.

I tracked the thing till the Expat parser code. What expat was returning on the calbacks was indeed buffers containing 8bit chars.

Then I noted the code dependancy on the XML_UNICODE symbol.

I added that symbol to xml.h so I get :



This didn't work either.

So I forced their definition inside expat_external.h and evrything was then OK !!

Let a party Happen !

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