Configure POCO with Codeblocks

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Configure POCO with Codeblocks

Postby deltaOne » 07 Jan 2009, 23:09

Hello everybody

I did read this article on how to install POCO on Windows, this tutorial use Visual Studio but no way to configure CodeBlocks. If we suppose that i have already POCO dll, how to link libraries ?

Add a new empty cpp file to the project, then go the properties of the project.

Under C/C++

* include files: set to Foundation\include

* preprocessor: add POCO_DLL

* Code generation: make sure you use multi-threaded runtime dlls!

Under Linker:

* Additional Library Directories: set to P:\poco\lib

* Input: add for debug builds PocoFoundationd.lib and for release builds PocoFoundation.lib. The general rule for library names is Poco + libraryName [[+ d].

What is the equivalent of those steps in Codeblocks ? any idea ?


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