XML and Texte encoding

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XML and Texte encoding

Postby cx500tc » 22 Jan 2009, 02:28

I'm working on QNX6 and the standard format for text file is CP1252, it's also the format our editor uses (Eclipse). That creates problem because XMLWrite assume the XMLString are in UTF8. One can specify the output text encoding but there seems to be no way to specify the input encoding (_pInEncoding) that seems harcoded to NATIVE_ENCODING set to UTF8. Though some black magic I manage to get around this issue. I assume changing NATIVE_ENCODING would have been the way to go???? Given _pInEncoding is private there is nothing I can do cleanly?

Now I'm stuck with XmlRead for which I can't find a way around the problem. Anything I read, I get in UTF8. Seems like anything I read I have to convert to CP1252.

Basically i would like to bypass conversion all together, is that possible?

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