Poco SSL VS 2008

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Poco SSL VS 2008

Postby andrew » 09 Mar 2009, 05:58

I have just built Poco SSL with Visual Studio 2008. There were some problems building it so here are some changes that you should incorporate into the documentation/files.

One issue is that the version number of Visual Studio has changed:
So in libssh2.h please change line 74 from:
#if defined(LIBSSH2_WIN32) && defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER <= 1400)
#if defined(LIBSSH2_WIN32) && defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER <= 1500)

In Visual Studio 2008, vsnprintf now complies to the ANSI standard so we need to modify libssh2_config_win32.h as follows:
Replace line 47:
#define vsnprintf _vsnprintf
with these three lines:
#if _MSC_VER < 1500
#define vsnprintf _vsnprintf

One other thing you could add the the update instructions.txt is:
Remember to edit the properties of SSH to set the:
1) Include the path to your version of openssh in C/C++, Additional Include Directories.
2) For Linker|Additional Library directories add the path to the lib files for openssh.
3) If you use a static link then change libeay32mtd.lib, libeay32mt.lib, ssleay32mt.lib ssleay32mtd.lib to libeay32.lib and ssleay32.lib in Linker| Input| Additional dependencies.

I would appreciate it if someone could either modify the code and/or add these instructions to updateinstructions.txt.

I have attached the two files I had to modify.

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Re: Poco SSL VS 2008

Postby andrew » 09 Mar 2009, 06:01

That should be SSH not SSL! Sorry.

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Re: Poco SSL VS 2008

Postby alex » 09 Mar 2009, 12:30

Created patch on SF tracker.

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