POCO support AIX??

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POCO support AIX??

Postby zhqsh » 09 Mar 2009, 06:59

Who can telll me whether POCO supports AIX or not, thanks~

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Re: POCO support AIX??

Postby guenter » 09 Mar 2009, 12:41

Theoretically, yes. Practically we don't know as no one from us has access to an AIX system.

Here are basic instructions form building for AIX:

1. cd into the build/config directory
2. create a new file AIX by copying an existing config file, e.g. Linux or HP-UX
3. edit the newly created file so that the settings match your environment (compiler, etc.)
If you're using GCC, then this should be easy - simply copy the Linux settings.
However, it might be necessary to add additional or different settings to the SYSFLAGS variable
and the SYSLIBS variable at the end of the config file.
If you're using IBM's C++ compiler, then you also must edit the CC, CXX and LINK settings, as well
as the Compiler and Linker Flags settings (CFLAGS, etc.). I don't have experience with IBM's compiler,
so I don't know which settings are necessary
4. do a ./configure --config=AIX (or simply, a ./configure), followed by
5. make -s and see how far you get

Any compilation errors either mean that
- you are not using the correct compiler flags
- you are not using the correct #define's for C library feature selection
(things like -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500, -D_REENTRANT, etc.)
- you must fix the POCO code to account for AIX specific things

You will likely encounter compilation errors with certain POCO Foundation source files. Based on my limited experience with AIX, for example, you'll probably have to add
#include <sys/param.h>
after line 215 (#include <sys/types.h>) in the source file src/Environment_UNIX.cpp.

Also, in File_UNIX.cpp, immediately after the last #include directive, add the following:

#ifdef _AIX
#define ENOTEMPTY 87

If you manage to make POCO work on AIX, please let us know what changes are necessary.



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Re: POCO support AIX??

Postby zhqsh » 11 Mar 2009, 06:57

thanks a lot,
let me try first, i'll come back for more help if having any trouble.

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Re: POCO support AIX??

Postby parkejgmailcom » 13 Mar 2017, 17:11

I just installed POCO 1.7.8, minimal configuration on AIX 7.1. I used the IBM XL C/C++ for AIX, V13.1.3 compiler. I ran into only a few minor problems installing. Had to install gmake also, but you can get this from IBM or off the net in an RPM (free in both cases).

I have also installed on AIX 6.

Would be happy to share notes with anyone interested.


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Re: POCO support AIX??

Postby thelifeofapanca » 26 Mar 2017, 18:54

Thank you!

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