SSH Linux Installation

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SSH Linux Installation

Postby andrew » 10 Mar 2009, 04:35

Here are some notes that you may like to add to the SSH folder regarding integrating and installing it under Linux.
I used poco-1.3.3p1-all and copied the SSH directory into it.

Do the following:
Modify the file called Makefile as follows:
1) Add SSH to the components variable.
2) Add SSH-libexec to the libexecs variable.
3) Add SSH-tests to the tests variable.
4) Copy Zip-libexec and Zip-tests rules and edit the copied lines replacing Zip with SSH.
5) To the clean rule, add:
$(MAKE) -C $(POCO_BASE)/SSH clean
$(MAKE) -C $(POCO_BASE)/SSH/testsuite clean
The easiest way is to copy the corresponding Zip lines and change Zip to SSH.
6) Add SSH to the file called components.

Run configure (the line below omits building data).
./configure --omit=Data
make install


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