Writing / Reading files with Poco

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Writing / Reading files with Poco

Postby Christian » 10 Nov 2006, 10:47

Hi there,
I did not find a simple way to write to a file or read from a file. I have seen there are
BinaryReader and BinaryWriter classes, but they need a std::istream / std::ostream
in there constructors. Is it possible to have a File object, and construct some Reader /
Writer instances by using this File object?

Kind Regards,

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Re: Writing / Reading files with Poco

Postby guenter » 10 Nov 2006, 15:24

for the time being you have to use std::fstream for file access. Can it get any simpler as that? ;-)

Seriously, the only serious problems with std::fstream and friends are that they do not give you the maximum possible raw disk I/O performance, and that locking is not supported. Apart from that, they work surprisingly well.

We might provide some kind of RawFileStream class in a later release.

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