ServerApplication abort() called, can't track down where.

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ServerApplication abort() called, can't track down where.

Postby budric » 24 May 2012, 22:01


I'm trying to launch an exe based on ServerApplication - let's call it AppA - from a windows 7 service (the service is yet another ServerApplication, let's call it AppB). The reason I'm doing it this way is AppA makes use of OpenGL resources that Windows has cut off access to from service to hardware - it's called Session 0 isolation. That's why I need a launcher AppB that logs in an interactive user and launches AppA as that user.

The code sample I dug up to try and do this is found here:
That code defines StartInteractiveClientProcess() function which is run from AppB shown below:

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class WinInteractiveService : public Poco::Util::ServerApplication

   void initialize(Poco::Util::Application& self)
      loadConfiguration();                     //load default configuration files, if present
      std::string tempString = config().getString("username");
      m_userName = std::wstring(tempString.begin(), tempString.end());      //ascii to wide is fine
      tempString = config().getString("password");
      m_password = std::wstring(tempString.begin(), tempString.end());
      tempString = config().getString("domain");
      m_domain = std::wstring(tempString.begin(), tempString.end());
      tempString = config().getString("process");
      m_process = std::wstring(tempString.begin(), tempString.end());
      tempString = config().getString("workingDirectory", "");
      m_workingDirectory = std::wstring(tempString.begin(), tempString.end());

   int main(const std::vector<std::string> & args)
               //convert command from const char * to char * that can be modified, this is for CreateProcessAsUser() call
      wchar_t * commandCopy = new wchar_t[m_process.size()+1];
      memcpy(commandCopy, m_process.c_str(), sizeof(wchar_t) * m_process.size());
      commandCopy[m_process.size()] = L'\0';

      //login user interactively
      StartInteractiveClientProcess(m_userName.c_str(), m_domain.c_str(), m_password.c_str(), commandCopy, m_workingDirectory.empty() ? NULL : m_workingDirectory.c_str());

      delete [] commandCopy;
      return 0;      //success

   std::wstring   m_userName;
   std::wstring   m_password;
   std::wstring   m_domain;
   std::wstring   m_process;
   std::wstring   m_workingDirectory;

Now here's the problem. I can run almost any executable command using AppB code given above, running AppB from command line. For example I run AppB which runs dir.exe, SampleApp from Poco or GLUT sample program with rotating triangles etc. However any application based on Poco::ServerApplication fails with "R6010 abort() has been called" - I tried my own AppA or SampleServer from POCO source code. So somewhere there's an assert() that fails in Poco code. I cannot track it down. The debugger can't attach to the application that failed when it was run this way, and I can't reproduce this error when running application normally directly by me.

Anyone have any clue what's going on? What can be failing?

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Re: ServerApplication abort() called, can't track down where

Postby budric » 25 May 2012, 19:44

The error comes from static NamedEvent _terminate member of ServerApplication. For some reason named event cannot be initialized in the configuration I described.

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