AsyncChannel in the Poco Logging Framework

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AsyncChannel in the Poco Logging Framework

Postby felixt » 13 Jun 2012, 18:16


I am using asynchronous file logging(based on Poco::AsyncChannel) in my application.
The problem is when the main thread intensively writes to the log, the log stops writing to the file and
the application's memory usage goes up. Probably the reason is that the log hasn't enough CPU time to write to log and
as the result the size of the message FIFO increases. Even after the logging thread receives CPU time and completes the
writing, the application's memory usage stays high. May be it doesn't release the memory allocated for FIFO?

My Questions:

1. Is it possible to limit FIFO's size?
2. Is it possible to enforce the log's thread to write all FIFO messages to the log and clear the FIFO?

Thanks In Advance!!!

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