forward e-mail message! help please!

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forward e-mail message! help please!

Postby » 21 Jun 2012, 23:40

I am trying create a forward mail message, I did try this, but don’t work for multpart message! How I can forward a e-mail?

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      POP3ClientSession session("", 110);

      session.login("", "1234567#");

      int nMailMessages = session.messageCount();

         MailMessage* pForwardMessage = new MailMessage();
         //MyPartHandler ph;

         session.retrieveMessage(1, *pForwardMessage);
         //session.retrieveMessage(1, std::cout);
         pForwardMessage->addRecipient(MailRecipient(MailRecipient::PRIMARY_RECIPIENT, ""));

         SMTPClientSession session("", 25);

         session.login(Poco::Net::SMTPClientSession::AUTH_LOGIN, "", "1234567#");

         delete pForwardMessage;

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Re: forward e-mail message! help please!

Postby alex » 26 Jun 2012, 04:31

Hard to tell without knowing what exactly it is the error and where does it occur when you run the code. "Don't work" does not convey enough information to provide help. For starters, perhaps trying to make sure you are connecting to right ports (is POP3 server SSL enabled ? ).

Please refrain from shouting and do your homework before posting (i.e. post minimum information so someone can help you).

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