Release Package Oddities

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Release Package Oddities

Postby marphod » 19 Jul 2012, 18:01

I'm working on a longer post detailing my issues with getting Poco to build (and it is a doozy), but I figured this was a separate issue:

Why are there differences in the .zip and .tar.gz release packages of 1.4.3p1-all?

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$ diff -qwr poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-zip/
Only in poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz: ._CHANGELOG
Only in poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/doc:
Only in poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/Foundation/include/Poco: ._Version.h
Files poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/Foundation/src/MSG00001.bin and poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-zip
/Foundation/src/MSG00001.bin differ
Files poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/MANIFEST and poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-zip/MANIFEST differ
Only in poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/Net/samples/HTTPTimeServer: bin
Only in poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/Net/samples/HTTPTimeServer/src: ._HTTPTimeServer.cpp
Only in poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/Util/src: ._Application.cpp
Only in poco-1.4.3p1-all-from-tgz/XML/testsuite: rss.xml

This is ignoring that the packages use different EOL markers (why? Is there a current compiler/IDE that can't handle that?) -- and this file difference seems to vary based on when I downloaded the releases.
(The .zip I downloaded yesterday was missing a bunch of header files, as well:

Code: Select all

Foundation/include/Poco: BinaryReader.h
Foundation/include/Poco: DirectoryIterator_WIN32.h
Foundation/include/Poco: Environment.h
Foundation/include/Poco: NamedMutex_UNIX.h
Foundation/include/Poco: NotificationQueue.h
Foundation/include/Poco: StreamTokenizer.h
Foundation/include/Poco: String.h
Foundation/include/Poco: TextIterator.h
Foundation/include/Poco: ThreadTarget.h
Foundation/include/Poco: URI.h

Is this an issue of sourceforge doing continuous builds and not snapshot releases?)

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