Overriding ::bind in SecureServerSocket

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Overriding ::bind in SecureServerSocket

Postby wisesteve » 12 Oct 2012, 06:44

I'm using SecureServerSocket and HTTPServer as a simple SSL server. I'd like it to listen on port 443 without having to start it as root. Can't do that, as that's a reserved port.

But I have an alternate implementation of bind() that will allow me to bind to reserved ports, and I'd like to use that without doing something as intrusive as replacing the ::bind() calls in SocketImpl.

I've tried several variants on this...

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SecureServerSocket s;
SocketAddress sa;
// Set up sa here
my_bind_replacement(s.impl().sockfd(), sa);

... and they either fail with "Invalid Socket" or end up re-initialising the socket, so the final file descriptor is different to the one I bound. I've tried inheriting from SecureServerSocket/SecureServerSocketImpl, with little success.

Before I dig deeper, is there an obvious trick to do this that I'm missing?

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