XMLConfiguration and Poco::PoolOverflowException

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XMLConfiguration and Poco::PoolOverflowException

Postby Black » 26 Oct 2012, 02:52

All -

I have been using Poco for a couple years now and have found it to always meet my needs. Thank you.

I recently started using the XMLConfiguration class to bring settings into an application. In trying to load an XML configuration file of new design, I found that the application was consistently generating Poco::PoolOverflowException. I finally drilled down to the cause: the NamePool component of the Document class ("deep" inside the XMLConfiguration) was instantiated with a default constructor, which makes the pool of size 251 members. I found two things curious:

- The default size of 251. The NamePool appears to be 'long', which implies quite an ability to store nodes from the XML file. Why a small default value?
- That the XMLConfiguration uses a default pool size, with no API for adjusting.

I use the API whereby an XML file is loaded by specifying the path/name of the file. I'm unsure if the pool applies to leaf nodes in the XML or any node, whether leaf or branch point (apologize if I don't have the nomenclature right...) My test file has 750+ nodes (leaf and branch pts), with more possibly needed.

Has anyone else ran into this limitation before? Am I perhaps missing a better application of the XML components to accomplish loading larger/complex files? Any general pointers in XML use + Poco? I have read up on the PP/PDF "tutorial" and some portion of the online docs.

I appreciate any pointers or info anyone has. Thanks!


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