using Poco and Boost together

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using Poco and Boost together

Postby ocop » 06 Dec 2012, 13:16

Hi All

I am looking to incorporate Poco into our module which is currently written with boost.
I need to make a stronger case to the company to support the introduction of Poco.
I have been looking for some evidence to support the following.

1- Is it safe to mix Poco and Boost – what happens if we mix Poco threads with Boost threads / Poco Mutexs with Boost Mutexs etc / Poco filesystem and Boost filesystem etc.
2- Is it the case that Poco must be used in isolation or was it designed to work with boost?
3- I have noticed at least one company that is mixing Poco and Boost along with the STL.
– ( are more people mixing the two libraries / any issues reported?

In general our main concern is that if we use Poco, we get some great features but we must phase out boost.
I don’t think this is the case I think they should work fine side-by-side, I am wondering is there any document to support including them both?

If you have any links to any documents to answer these questions that would be great.


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Re: using Poco and Boost together

Postby alex » 07 Dec 2012, 01:00

1) you'll have two ways of doing same things
2) POCO was intentionally designed to work with standard C++ library, not boost; POCO wont mind coexisting with boost, though, so you can safely use them both (many people do)
3) Karoo Bridge does; I've seen many people posting here and on the mailing list questions that mention boost in their projects (never heard of any mix-related issues)

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