How to achieve this?

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How to achieve this?

Postby vonkanaitor » 11 Dec 2012, 22:00

I am writing a game in the CryEngine, so it is C++ and i have access to add any libraries i want to it. However, I want to have some sort of client/server system so i can send data about the player's stats, e.g Headshots, kills, deaths etc. to a server, the server will then put it in a db, ready for it to be displayed on a website, that people can use to view and track their game stats. Also, i want to incorporate a login system to the game, so i will need to send this data securely.

So what am i going to need to do to achieve this? I am new to network programming and it is quite a grey area in my knowledge. Furthermore, i have never used a networking library before. The reason i chose poco (although, if im going to need other stuff like openssl, its fine!) was because it seemed alot easier to pick up and there seemed to be some good samples for it. To re-iterate what do i need to do both client and server side?

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Re: How to achieve this?

Postby alex » 12 Dec 2012, 04:38

Poco::Net::TCPServer with Poco::Net::SecureServerSocket on server side and SecureStreamSocket on the client side. Poco::Data for database (I guess ODBC back end should do). You don't need openssl because that's what secure sockets are based on. A word of warning: if you've never done any network programming, your learning curve may be quite steep.

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