How can I initialize SSL without Context.

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How can I initialize SSL without Context.

Postby kevin00000000ex » 26 Dec 2012, 03:22

I initialize the SSL with Poco::Net::initialiaeSSL function at the beginning of my app and then create a new HttpsClientSession object with HttpClientSession() function without any paramters. But the app crash when creating the HttpsClientSession object, the reason of crash is that the _pInstance of Poco::Util::Application is a null point.

So I create a Poco::Net::Context object first and then create a HttpsClientSession object with HttpClientSession(Context) function with the Context object for paramter. The app works well.

My question is:if I want to initialize the SSL directly with Poco::Net::initialiaeSSL function and create a new HttpClientSession object using HttpClientSession() function without Context object for paramter, what should I do?

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