Bogus HTTPServerRequest passed to HTTPRequestHandlerFactory?

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Bogus HTTPServerRequest passed to HTTPRequestHandlerFactory?

Postby itamarro » 04 Apr 2013, 17:55

Hello everyone,
Just starting out with POCO and it seems like a great library - thank you very much for creating this & making this available.

I am encountering a minor issue, which seems to be possibly due to a bug.

I'm creating a simple HTTP service using HTTPServer and friends (based on the HTTPTimeServer sample), and I'm finding that upon a simple HTTP request, on some cases the createRequestHandler() method on my HTTPRequestHandlerFactory implementation is called twice for a single HTTP request:
The first call - with a valid, correct request as expected.
The second call, right afterwards - with what seems like a garbage request object (method is garbage and the URI member is a bad pointer).

This specifically happens when the HTTP client is Chrome (v26). With curl or IE9 as the HTTP client - it does not happen.

Any insights would be appreciated. I'm using the latest version (poco 1.4.6p1) on Windows 7.


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