DateTimeParser::tryParse BUG with given format?

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DateTimeParser::tryParse BUG with given format?

Postby zhangwusheng » 26 Sep 2013, 09:56

int temp1;
Poco::DateTime dt1;
bool b = Poco::DateTimeParser::tryParse ("%Y%m%d%H", "actions", dt1, temp1 );

if( b )
cout <<"success"<<endl;
cout <<"failed"<<endl;

it says success.

POCO Version is 1.4.4,in its CHANGELOG,it says:
- Poco::DateTimeParser::tryParse() without format specifier now correctly parses ISO8601
date/times with fractional seconds.

but with format specifier,it still has bug?

I upgrade to 1.4.6p2, it still doesnot works

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