XML parsing and expat

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XML parsing and expat

Postby mady » 10 Oct 2013, 14:08


I want to use POCO XML parsing API's with expat support.

Till now from the documentation and API's I can understand that POCO provieds API for parsing with DOM and SAX support.

But the following statment from the guided tour of POCO lib home page is not clear,

"To reduce the memory footprint of the DOM document, the POCO DOM implementation uses string pooling, storing frequently occuring strings such as element and attribute names only once. The XML library is based on the Expat open source XML parser library. Built on top of Expat are the SAX interfaces, and built on top of the SAX interfaces is the DOM implementation."

Does that mean,
1. POCO has optimized implementation of DOM parsing built on SAX and expat parsing engine?
2. Using SAX and DOM will result in similar memory utilization?


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