ServerApplication as Windows SysTray App

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ServerApplication as Windows SysTray App

Postby heinob » 10 Oct 2013, 16:39


I have successfully implemented a HTTPS-Server (based on the sample HTTPSTimeServer) as a terminal app and Windows-Service. Now I want to port it into a Systray application. I have done this quite successfully:

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HTTPSMyServer app; __argc, __argv );

Is going to be called. The Server seems to be up and running:

- properties file is loaded (correct port number is used)
- ssl-keys are loaded (when I change file names --> returns immediately)

BUT: The Application does not react on https-calls against my port. It behaves like dead or not running. So it runs, but does not listen.

Is there any (general) hint, what could be wrong, or what I could check more in detail to get the reason for this behavior? Should this work anyway?

Thanks for any help!


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