Ubuntu x64 poco compiling 32bit

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Ubuntu x64 poco compiling 32bit

Postby croehl » 15 Oct 2013, 11:16

Hello togehter,

i am new in the Poco Project developing and i have installed a Ubuntu 64bit System.

I want to compile a program for 32bit linux systems. Now i have set up my compiler to 32bit mode.

When i compile the poco library they are 64bit libraries. And i could not compile my program with this libraries.

Do anyone have a idea how i compile a 32bit Poco library?

Have a nice day and thank you.


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Re: Ubuntu x64 poco compiling 32bit

Postby guenter » 17 Oct 2013, 08:10

You'll need to setup a build configuration file for 32 bit builds on Linux. Copy the Linux build configuration in $POCO_BASE/build/config and name it Linux32 or so. Then edit it and add the necessary compiler and linker settings for a 32-bit build. Then run ./configure --config=Linux32 and rebuild. Or export POCO_CONFIG=Linux32 and build individual libraries.

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