POCO 1.5.2 - Bugs and feature request (Poco::JSON)

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POCO 1.5.2 - Bugs and feature request (Poco::JSON)

Postby szulak » 28 Nov 2013, 13:03

Hey there,
After using POCO libraries for some days, we've meet such issues.

      Poco::JSON::Object isArray method returns true for all kind of types
      There is no way to determine, if Poco::Dynamic::Var holds Poco::JSON::Array or Poco::JSON::Object

Code: Select all

void foo(Poco::Dynamic::Var& var)
      Poco::JSON::Array array = var.extract<Poco::JSON::Array>();
      //var is an array
   catch (Poco::BadCastException&)
      //var is an object
      Poco::JSON::Object object = var.extract<Poco::JSON::Object>();

Feature requests:
    Missing methods such as isBoolean for Poco::Dynamic::Var

Best regads,

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