Poco::Base64Decoder bug?

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Poco::Base64Decoder bug?

Postby sgsoft » 30 Nov 2013, 09:27

The string "select count(*) from devicestate" BASE64 encode is "c2VsZWN0IGNvdW50KCopIGZyb20gZGV2aWNlc3RhdGU=".

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std::string s("c2VsZWN0IGNvdW50KCopIGZyb20gZGV2aWNlc3RhdGU=");
      std::istringstream istr(s);
      Poco::Base64Decoder d(istr);
      std::string result;
      return 0;

above code will output "select". Maybe this is a bug?

POCO lib 1.4.6~ 1.5

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Re: Poco::Base64Decoder bug?

Postby guenter » 30 Nov 2013, 11:35

This is not a base64 decoder bug. The >> stream extraction operator for std::string will stop reading at the first whitespace and thus is not suitable for reading strings containing whitespaces.

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