Best method to sync (non-RT) thread from RT thread

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Best method to sync (non-RT) thread from RT thread

Postby linuxball » 03 Mar 2014, 12:25

Hi all,

I need to start some task in a non-real-time thread depending upon certain events detected in a real-time thread [which must not use I/O functions (disk, TTY, network), malloc, free, printf, pthread_mutex_lock, sleep, wait, poll, select, pthread_join, pthread_cond_wait, etc, etc.]

POCO offers different means to synchronize threads. What is the best method (taking into account that the initiating thread is a real-time thread)?

I know I could look into the implementation (source) code of POCO to find out but I am hoping that somebody can save me the time to do it.

Thanx in advance,


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