Remote query of a C++ program via HTTPS

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Remote query of a C++ program via HTTPS

Postby arianaa30 » 01 Jun 2014, 02:31

I'm very new to POCO::Net! I have an emulator program written in C++ running on Ubuntu 12.04. There are some settings and options needed for running the program, which are given by the main's arguments. I need to query and control these options via HTTPS from a remote machine/mobile device. I know POCO provides APIs such as HTTPServer for the ease. Probably it should listen() in while loop to the 443 (https port), grab the query, and give response back to the client. Can someone guide me through using it by providing an example?

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Re: Remote query of a C++ program via HTTPS

Postby guenter » 01 Jun 2014, 13:11

Look at the HTTPTimeServer and HTTPFormServer samples (Net library), as well as the HTTPSTimeServer sample in the NetSSL_OpenSSL library.

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