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Postby eduquint » 11 Aug 2017, 08:10

Should I close the Poco::Data::Session used to execute a SQL Stored Procedure, immediately after executing the procedure?

I am getting the SQL Error:

ODBC Diagnostic record #1:
SQLSTATE = 08002
Native Error Code = 0
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection in use

And I am wondering if this is happening because I did not close the session and called the method again.

A sample would be:

Code: Select all

   try {
      select << "exec ? = usp_Interface_DatasulTextFile_ReadAll ?", out(errorFound), in(n), into(textLots), now;
      return errorFound == 0 && !textLots.empty();

Is this the correct way of dealing with this problem?

Could anyone help me here?

Eduardo Quintana

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