Full duplex WebSocket and reactor (1.7.6)

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Full duplex WebSocket and reactor (1.7.6)

Postby trucmuche » 22 Aug 2017, 18:20

I need a full duplex client websocket (server is streaming, client may send some requests from time to time). I use Poco 1.7.6 (happy to upgrade to latest release if required).

I was thinking to use the Reactor framework as for a raw TCP socket, unfortunately, Poco::Net::SocketConnector constructor only accepts SocketAddress, you cannot instantciate it with an alreaydy built socket (case of WebSocket).

What is the best way then to implement full duplex web socket?

Or should I loop with a timeout on receiveFrame, in order to have chance to sendFrame not too late ?

Is it the recommended way?

Thanks for any hint.

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