OSS Contributors- in NYC (Relocation assistance provided)

Job offers related to the POCO C++ Libraries.
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OSS Contributors- in NYC (Relocation assistance provided)

Postby SOS4OSS » 17 May 2012, 01:57

Dear Contributors!
Hope all is well!
I am new to this community so I apologize if I'm over stepping my boundaries... However, to those that maybe interested, I simply wish to throw an opportunity out there.

Call me Chin, I work for the #1 Search Firm in NYC, and I'm working on an Open Source initiative for one of my clients.
Essentially, there is a strong relevance in this community and the environment at my client- a world renowned high-tech conglomerate.
I wish to expose the contributors to this unique professional opportunity to bring their expertise in C/C++ on Unix in an open source eco-system to employ your skills (as a permanent employee) for the kind of work you are already doing. As a company, they seek to work with existing OSS enthusiasts to promote contributions, open their systems to outside parties/development communities, standardize, expand, and deliver. Now, as part of their R&D, there are some well-known personalities in the C++ community that are going to be working along side the future incumbents. This group will work conjunctively with the Application Infrastructure group which deep-dives into Compilers, Linkers, Debuggers, C/C++ Libraries, Frameworks, API's and Tools that supports over 3000 developers.
Anyhow, the opportunity is there for the taking and I wish to discuss further with anyone that is remotely interested in exploring further.

Pertinent Details:
Location: NYC
Compensation: $140,000 - 190,000/Yr Total Compensation (Base + Bonus)- some can merit way more depending on relevance.

Please contact me if you are remotely interested, or curious. I look forward to speaking with all active contributors that are interested and live in USA.
Thank You!
Chintan Vora

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