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Re: POCO on the iPhone

Postby ortizt » 13 Sep 2013, 06:34

Just browsing this recently and ran into an issue building Poco for iOS.

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ls: /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin/llvm-gcc-*: No such file or directory

This error just basically means that gcc isn't finding your platform libraries.

As of Xcode 4.4 the paths to the iPhone SDKs has changed:

[Source http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2009555/iphone-sdk-location-on-hard-drive ]

In order to solve this, all you need to do is change the configuration files for your iOS builds in POCO/build/config/iPhone and */iPhoneSimulator .

Change the original (# in front) to the line below it and you'll be able to build no problem.
(Either this or pass the TOOL_PREFIX in as a parameter to the make itself -- but changing the configs is easier to me)

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#TOOL_PREFIX            ?= /Developer/Platforms/$(IPHONE_SDK).platform/Developer/usr/bin
TOOL_PREFIX            ?= /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/$(IPHONE_SDK).platform/Developer/usr/bin

Just figured I'd share this if anyone runs into the same issue.

[Edit] I didn't realize others had posted this solution already, but here it is again.

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