good idea for OPENSSL

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good idea for OPENSSL

Postby draker » 13 Nov 2010, 14:04

you can do not use this SSL, .

you can download OPENSSL src and build yourself, and then do flow :

modify dtls1.h file:

/* Needed for struct timeval for poco netSSL, change winsock.h to winsock2.h*/
//#include <winsock.h> becase 同时包含了winsock.h和winsock2.h导致timeval重定义

#ifdef POCO_DLL
#include <winsock2.h>
#include <winsock.h>

hope poco modify NETSSL howtobuild.txt.

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Re: good idea for OPENSSL

Postby aderouineau » 14 Nov 2010, 18:25

Am I the only one who did not understand a thing ?

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Re: good idea for OPENSSL

Postby guenter » 16 Nov 2010, 09:18

He probably refers to the issue that newer OpenSSL releases cause issues when used with POCO (due to that dreaded winsock.h header). This is no longer an issue with the 1.4 release, though.

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