Poco 1.6.0 and MinGW-w64

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Poco 1.6.0 and MinGW-w64

Postby Matt » 21 Jul 2015, 04:54

Hi. I am currently using Poco 1.6.0 with MinGW-w64 (g++ 4.9.2) and gmake. I do this with a 64-bit build and a 32-bit build of the compiler and of Poco.

It all seems to work fine, however I had to make a lot of changes to the Makefile build system, and some changes to source code, to get to this point in the first place. Apparently only MSVC is supported "out of the box".

I have my changes managed by "git" so everything is tidy. However I don't have the time to go through and see if any of my changes would break on other platforms, or for people wanting different build configurations than I am using. Should I submit my changes somewhere (if so, where?) for review by a contributor who would do something useful with them; or just leave it?

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Re: Poco 1.6.0 and MinGW-w64

Postby alex » 28 Jul 2015, 02:36

Create a branch and issue on github and we will review it. If you want to be MinGW maintainer, let us know.

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