General discussion regarding the development of POCO for contributors.
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Postby zielin » 02 Oct 2015, 22:39


As POCO is great to build backend server apps I think that it would be nice to have ORM utils for Data module. Something which can guess table structure, PK etc. and create valid queries for input/output arguments. I have my own implementation for Qt framework and I think it's easy to reuse it in POCO. What do You think about this idea?

Thanks for attention.

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Postby alex » 04 Oct 2015, 06:18

Sure, read contributing guidelines and send a pull request. Data library is in quite a dynamic state right now (mainly due to my personal preoccupation with some other things), with many ODBC fixes and PostgreSQL support pending , so cleaner you addition is, easier it will be to merge - best to do it in your own branch, forked of ODBCSybase.

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