Support SQLite in Client/Server Mode

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Support SQLite in Client/Server Mode

Postby wangjlm » 21 Jun 2014, 13:05

Have you noticed that C++ codes at

Accordint to its documents (translated by Google from Russian)

• It can be used either as a stand-alone program and as a library;
• With SQLited can work both through REST API, or using the client libraries:
• It uses SQLite as the "engine" of the database, while expanding its stored procedures and user experience, but it does not affect the database format, which easily open any other programs with support for SQLite.
• Is both HTTP-server and database server that allows you to do based on this portable solution as a bunch of server + client side to HTML + JS;
• Knows how to work with JSON and XML;
• It is very small and fast;
• It does not fit you, if you need replication, sharding, work with the data in tens of GB and other features "large" database.

SQLited immediately ready for use and does not require special configuration or installation. Default ports - 15555 and 15556 to work through SSL. To use SSL, you must replace the file key.pem along with the executable file on your signed certificate by default next to the server creates a self-signed certificate, which is suitable for testing, but is not suitable for this work. Server settings can be found either in the file sqlited.cfg, or through the web interface at localhost: 15555/admin, or you can read and modify them through the API. The list of options can be viewed <here>.

SQLited has a binary protocol, but it is primarily designed to provide REST API for clients.

Can POCO adopt his codes to support SQLite in compact Server/Client mode with small footprint?

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Re: Support SQLite in Client/Server Mode

Postby alex » 25 Jun 2014, 05:48

I'd say no; few things that would require work: HTTP routing via its own lib and macros, documentation in Russian, not portable out-of-the-box, inactive for almost 2 years ... Additionally, since we already have HTTP and SQLite support, I'm not quite sure what would be the benefit of wrapping a SQLite server.

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