AIX build settings...

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AIX build settings...

Postby ccharron » 30 Nov 2007, 16:34


In order to build poco on an AIX system, settings to do it would be greatly appreciated... by me (:lol:)

Maybe for Christmas... (:santa:)



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Re: AIX build settings...

Postby guenter » 30 Nov 2007, 20:37


unfortunately, none of us has access to an AIX system, so we don't know the correct build settings. Maybe you can find it out yourself - just look at the build settings for other platforms (I recommend Linux, HP-UX, SunOS and OSF1) and compilers, and find out the corresponding settings for AIX and the C++ compiler you're using.

The following Wiki page describing the build system will be useful:

Here are the steps:

- create a new build configuration named AIX (or the output of the uname command), by
copying an existing one

- find out the correct compiler and linker options and put the into the appropriate places

Some tips:
- ensure that the compiler produces multithreading safe code (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS)

- ensure that the C++ compiler works in full ANSI compatible mode (CXXFLAGS)

- ensure that the correct preprocessor macros are defined so that the required POSIX and XOPEN APIs are available (SYSFLAGS)

- ensure that all required system libraries (sockets, pthreads, etc.) are linked (SYSLIBS)

If you have managed to create a working configuration, we'd appreciate it if you could share it with us ;-)

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