Comparing an IP against a "block"

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Comparing an IP against a "block"

Postby aderouineau » 27 Feb 2010, 00:51

Have a new class "IPBlock" that can be defined either as a range, a vector of IP's, or combination*s* of both (and support v4 and v6):
IPBlock::addIP(IPAddress ip)
IPBlock::addNetwork(ip, (bit)mask)
IPBlock::addRange(ip_start, ip_end)
IPBlock::removeRange(ip_start, ip_end)

For a quick use, have two possible constructors: one that takes an IP and a mask; one that takes two ip's to form a range.

And one would be able to see if an IP is in that block with IPBlock::contains(ip)
or perhaps also if another block is contained: IPBlock::contains(IPBlock block)

Also, how come ipv6 masks aren't supported?

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