Platinum integration premature?

Discussion of ideas for features and new projects based on POCO.
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Platinum integration premature?

Postby marlowa » 06 Dec 2006, 14:19

It seems to me that integration with platinum may be too early. Looking at the sourceforge page no downloads are available, the list of supported OSs is left unspecified and the development status is beta.

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Re: Platinum integration premature?

Postby Gerhard » 06 Dec 2006, 15:50

Thank you for your concern and that you are willing to participate in the discussion.

As far as I know the platinum framework is already in use at PTV AG Karlsruhe, a german company committed to traffic, travel and transportation planning. The framework was brought some weeks ago to sourcefourge. Previously it was on a different platform - i don't know on which. I'm not sure, but maybe you'll find here what you are looking for : []
I'm pretty sure that the guys from platinum, will give you the answers you need.

From the status of discussion, we are on the beginning. There was no decision for integration at all till now. We (Platinum and Poco guys) have just decided to start an online discussion with an open end.

During the dicussion we are trying to clarify following first questions (there will arise a lot more during the discussion, we hope so ;-)) :

- Why shall we integrate ? What would be the benefit for the community and us (means platinum and poco developers), besides avoiding reinventing the wheel ?
- What would be a common vision ?
- How shall we organize the development and support process (contribution)?
- If we integrate, what shall we merge together ?
- How shall we do this, taking account that there are developers who are already using one of the frameworks in their projects

A possible first step could be that we bring in a list of topics we want to clarify (questions above are part of it), prioritze it and work on / clarify each of them, according to a common priorization.

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