Some ideas

Discussion of ideas for features and new projects based on POCO.
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Some ideas

Postby chrisjones » 01 Jul 2009, 16:48


I've got some ideas which i'd like to use in my future projects which might fit into Poco. I thought i'd post them here and see what you think and if you'd ever want them as part of Poco.


Currently you have delegates which only accept a single parameter and don't return anything (correct me if i'm wrong). Would it be possible to expand them so that there can be a variable number of parameters and be able to return a value? Currently i see that the notify function returns whether or not it has expired, could that be changed at all, for example having a function called expired()?


I'm not aware of Poco already having this and is a very useful feature to have, especialy for separating code/functionality and for use with GUI. This would take advantage of delegates (one of my reasons for expanding your current delegate implementation) and build on that.


Building upon signal/slots (especially for GUI), it could provide detailed information about classes including calling their functions by name and creating instances of classes by name too (amongst other things). This could be a seperate Poco library.


A GUI library has been discussed before for Poco, which i'd still love to see it have. The previous ideas i discussed could be used to make GUI programming easier, especially if combined with your XML library. GUI applications could be mostly created from XML, where XML files build up the GUI widgets/layout and automatically link them to the applications logic. I'm pretty sure this can be done with .net applications and would be great for C++.

I've got a few other ideas too (smaller features) but i'll leave them for another time. Does anyone have any feedback on these? I know they aren't small tasks but could be long term goals? Would you ever want any of these as part of Poco?


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