Poco::Logger on iOS?

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Poco::Logger on iOS?

Postby rakesh » 16 Mar 2013, 13:45

Has anyone used Poco::Logger or any other feature that uses pthreads on iOS? I am building a data service client layer using PocoNet and PocoJSON from the devel branch on github, and ran into an issue with my Logger initialisation throwing a system exception. The call chain is as follows:

Mutex_POSIX.h: line 82
Mutex.h: line 229
ScopedLock.h: line 60
Logger.cpp: line 306

This is for the iPhoneSimulator build. I have not tried yet on the device, but I assume the same error will be thrown.

I can easily move to using std::cout/cerr for my logging, but this raises important questions about whether I can use any of the Poco threading/locking related classes on iOS. I can move to the current 1.4 stable release and just compile the JSON classes myself, but wanted to know about your experiences.


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