do you have some tips on usage of WebSocket?

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do you have some tips on usage of WebSocket?

Postby tiplip » 10 Apr 2013, 11:56

hi, I want to implement chat server using websocket, and I guess one instance of websocket stands for one active user, but I don't know how to manage a group of websocket,say one user send text message to another, that is, one websocket communicats with another, here the server is working as a bridge.

If I want to have mutiple active clients, does that mean I have to create a goup of objects of

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referring to sample provided?

Another question is SocketImpl::receiveBytes called indirectly by WebSocket::receiveFrame will throw TimeoutException() (WSAETIMEDOUT)afterwards, so that WebSocketRequestHandler will be destroyed as a result.
How to avoid this kind of Timeout-caused self-destroy?

so, if you have any tips of experience on that, could you share some?


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