Problems using Poco::Nullable

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Problems using Poco::Nullable

Postby throstur62 » 26 Aug 2013, 15:20

The code below gives me the compiling error:
Error 5 error C2664: 'bool Poco::Data::AbstractExtractor::extract(size_t,Poco::Int8 &)' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'Poco::Nullable<C>' to 'Poco::Int8 &' c:\appliedinformatics\include\poco\data\typehandler.h

Statement select(*pDB);
Nullable<int> i = 1; assert (!i.isNull());
Nullable<double> f = 1.5; assert (!f.isNull());
Nullable<std::string> s = "abc"; assert (!s.isNull());
Nullable<Poco::DateTime> d = Poco::DateTime(); assert (!d.isNull());
select << "SELECT i, r, s, d FROM NullableTest", into(i), into(f), into(s), into(d), now;

If I remove the into() clauses everything compiles. So it is something about the into stuff. I'm doing this on Windows, using Visual Studio 2010 and the version of POCO is 2013.1p1 downloaded from:
I'm using the POCO::Data::ODBC to connect to INformix Dynamic Server 11.7.

How can I get around that.

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Re: Problems using Poco::Nullable

Postby guenter » 28 Aug 2013, 16:25

The Data library in 1.4.6, which is the basis for the Applied Informatics release does not support Poco::Nullable. This is only supported in 1.5.x.

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