IPv4SocketAddressImpl::_addr address changing...

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IPv4SocketAddressImpl::_addr address changing...

Postby chandramohanp » 23 Sep 2013, 05:48


When using Net library, I noticed IPv4SocketAddressImpl::af() returning zero instead of 2(AF_INET). This is happening because the address location of _addr is changing. The value of the pointer for _addr in IPv4SocketAddressImpl::IPv4SocketAddressImpl(const void* addr, UInt16 port) is 0x7fbd4250002c. While in the method af(), the address is 0x7fbd42500028.

I tried moving the following inline methods "af, host, port, length" into the SocketAddressImpl.cpp and then compiled Net library. After this the problem went away. However, I think there might be a serious problem here. Can this please be looked into by Poco team.


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