Building multi-threaded cli application for Linux

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Building multi-threaded cli application for Linux

Postby hceteam » 18 Jan 2014, 22:57

The parallelization of data processing in multi-threaded applications is most popular task for wide range of business solutions especially for so called big data systems.
This fundamental question has many applied patterns and algorithms, some of them basically even implemented in C++11...
But the pretty easy and powerful with flexibility to free use in several typical architectures is still not on market top up to today...

In our open source solution project HCE we have implemented several solutions with usage of POCO C++ library modules like Application framework, Json (many many questions for this module... :) ), Runnable, TaskManager, Thread, ThreadPool and many more. One of most interested application in the HCE project from point of view of usage POCO library modules it is Highlighter application. General description and some doxygen generated from sources
This application uses the Component-Service architecture for easy building conveyor architecture for powerful high productive service application or application for huge scalable data processing functionality.
The Component Service architecture created especially for integration in to the milch-threaded application and easy utilize some algorithms and patterns that is already exists but form them to get possibility of usage on pool of threads that implements universal conveyors for some specific business logic classes.
This solution can be interested for all developers to formalize and unify data processing architecture of application framework pattern and to get possibility to construct complex scalable architecture of service-oriented applications easy pretty simple way by inheritance of some pattern logic and construction design.
Many thanks for attention of our hard work and especially for comments and questions.

With the best wishes, team of HCE project.

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Re: Building multi-threaded cli application for Linux

Postby alex » 23 Jan 2014, 04:04

Thanks, I have updated the List of Known POCO Users.

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