HTTPSTimeServer Initialization Issue

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HTTPSTimeServer Initialization Issue

Postby babbyh » 23 Jan 2014, 01:43

I am new to POCO and SSL. I have built HttpServer and TimeServer samples successfully to start. Really need a secure solution for the TCPServer so I thought I would start with HTTPSTimeServer just to get familiar with SSL.

It was straight forward and everything built and linked properly. I built OpenSSL with no-asm. I am running the straight sample HTTPSTimeServer with no mods to the code. The application fails when a context is created when opening a secure socket. It cannot find any ciphers and fails in the following code in ssl_lib.c. It appears I have not initialized or built something properly. Any help on this issue will be much appreciated.

meth->version == SSL2_VERSION ? "SSLv2" : SSL_DEFAULT_CIPHER_LIST);
if (ret->cipher_list == NULL
|| sk_SSL_CIPHER_num(ret->cipher_list) <= 0)
goto err2;

Posts: 2
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Re: HTTPSTimeServer Initialization Issue

Postby babbyh » 24 Jan 2014, 01:44

I got this figured out. Thanks for the consideration though.

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