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Postby Ehtyar » 11 Jan 2009, 03:39

Hi all.
This isn't so much a wishlist as an error report, but that hardly fitted into the support section either because I don't really need any support.
Basically, I'm using MinGW on Windows. The library builds fine (with one exception below), but the configure and makefile scripts are not compatible with MinGW.

To build the library, I had to:
  • add '#include <cstring>' to Foundation/src/Environment.cpp to put memcpy() into std::
  • remove the automatic environment checking for MinGW/Cygwin in configure, and replace it with just 'config=MinGW' because it generated an evaluation error
  • manually specify 'OMIT = NetSSL_OpenSSL Crypto Data/ODBC Data/MySQL' in config.make becuase the parsing for --omit is also broken (I'm guessing all the switches that take parameters will be broken)
  • just accept the release and debug static libraries (the default on MinGW) because the make targets didn't work
  • ignore the tests and samples as there were compile errors (I didn't try to diagnose them but it appeared to be a forward reference issue)

Basically, I have no problem with this, this post is mainly just for people who are trying to build POCO on Windows with MinGW and need help getting it up and running.

Thank you for providing such a flexible and complete library with such a liberal license. Projects like POCO truly make programming an enjoyable experience.

Hope it helps, Ehtyar.

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Re: POCO on MinGW

Postby fbraem » 17 Feb 2009, 20:51

You can use my premake scripts to generate a workspace for CodeLite or Code::Blocks. You can find a zip file in the subversion repository of GLUEscript: http://gluescript.svn.sourceforge.net/v ... c/poco.zip

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