MSVS80 Unicode

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MSVS80 Unicode

Postby TheRawGod » 06 Dec 2006, 16:49


I'm rather new to Poco while quite impressed by the functionality provided by the labrary. I have some experience in usage of cross-platform c++ layers serving for different needs and Poco seems to be really nice, combining many features just together.

What concerns the problem:
I've successfully built Poco with msvs80 without any errors. Even with no warnings at all. The problems came up when I decided to compile it with UNICODE support.
For that I declared 3 macro in the config.h:
As a result I received many errors in test projects and what is the worst, the "util" library failed to build at all.
Moreover, somewhere I read about Poco's comprehensive support for Unicode in the XML library but that is also not so true, as for example I simply cannot use a Unicode string as a source for XML data (only constructor for std::string is provided).

My questions are:
does anybody have Unicode experience with Poco and what results do you have? Maybe I'm just missing something obvious, that results in the problems above.
Also it is interesting to know whether Poco development team has plans to improve Unicode support of the library and to which extent?
My personal opinion is that it may be really helpful to get rid of all direct std::(w)string references and just make use of some Poco string class based on std library while being correctly defined for both Unicode and non-Unicode builds. Does that make sense?

Anyway thanks a lot for Poco, you did a great job, guys.

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