WebWidgets compile errors on Solaris

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WebWidgets compile errors on Solaris

Postby alex » 27 Mar 2009, 15:24

I have somewhat of a dilemma here: Sun CC balks at having constructors taking const std::string& and const type_info& when a string literal is passed.

For example:

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Page::Ptr ptr = new Page("test");

will fail with following error:

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"src/ExtJSTest.cpp", line 105: Error: Overloading ambiguity between "Poco::WebWidgets::Page::Page(const std::type_info&)" and "Poco::WebWidgets::Page::Page(const std::string &)".

The solution can be provided in two ways and neither pleases me entirely:

    1) add Page(const char*) constructor - not good if we are aiming to get rid of plain pointers in the interface (although only the letter of the law is violated, not the spirit - pointer is only temporary means to an end and std::string copy is made immediately at construction time)

    2) force users to do new Page(std::string("test")) - this is kindof pain and likely not to be done on compilers that do not require it, causing code to become non-portable

I am inclined to go with 1), but wanted to bounce the dilemma first. I'll do the coding and submit modifications.

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